Ahead of World IPv6 Launch tomorrow, Comcast announced that it has launched and enabled IPv6 in more than one-third of its broadband network.

Comcast previously committed to having IPv6 in place with hundreds of thousands of its customers ahead of World IPv6 Launch, and it actually reached its goal on May 24.

Currently, Comcast has IPv6 enabled in areas that are served by Arris’ cable modem termination systems (CMTSs) and expects to have it deployed on all Arris CMTS equipment over the coming months, according to a blog posting by Comcast’s John Brzozowski, distinguished engineer and chief architect for IPv6.

Last year, Arris and Comcast teamed up on a native dual-stack trial in Comcast's Denver-area systems.

Comcast is also working on enabling IPv6 on Cisco’s CMTS gear.

As the nation’s largest ISP, Comcast has been one of the most active cable operators when it comes to pursing the transition to IPv6 addresses, but Brzozowski said there’s more work to be done by hardware vendors and consumer electronics companies.

“While awareness and adoption of IPv6 has greatly improved from a year ago, there is a significant opportunity for consumer electronics companies, including home networking equipment vendors, to improve IPv6 deployment by shipping IPv6-capable devices and enabling IPv6 by default,” Brzozowski wrote in his blog post. “As an example of the opportunity for growth, when we enable IPv6 today, we observe roughly 5 percent of users can take advantage of this. That percentage can increase dramatically if vendors act to enable IPv6 by default in software updates for existing devices and in newly shipping devices.”