Cablevision Systems has introduced an online tool that small business customers can use to manage many aspects of their own services, including provisioning services and features.

The MSO’s Optimum Business Account Center is an online portal that Optimum Business customers can visit to manage their Internet, voice and video services.

One option now enabled is delegated management, allowing small business owners to assign account management roles for specific services to specific employees. For instance, one or more management roles can be assigned to oversee phone, network and hosting services.

Also launching with the Account Center are several new Optimum Voice features, which are:

  • Outbound caller name management – Each number associated with a business can now have a unique caller name, such as a medical office with four doctors. With caller name management, each doctor can have a unique name for Caller ID purposes.
  • Selective call forwarding – Allows small businesses to forward specific callers to an alternate phone number, such as a mobile phone or team member. Small businesses can create a list of up to 32 phone numbers and have them forwarded.
  • Time of day forwarding – Allows small businesses to choose exactly when call forwarding starts and when it ends, providing a scheduling capability to forward calls to another number, voicemail or a do-not-disturb number with specified timing intervals.
  • Call forward on busy/no answer – When a phone line is busy or the line is not answered, the call will be directed to the number the small business account manager specifies.
  • Uniform call distribution rollover hunting – Enables the uniform distribution of phone calls, starting with the line that has been idle the longest to ensure everyone gets an even number of calls.

Joseph Varello, Cablevision’s vice president of business and voice product management, said, “The latest voice service enhancements have been added to address trends across mobility, marketing and branding, and more efficient call processing.”