Time Warner Cable announced this morning that it awarded stipends to two scholars as part of its ongoing Research Program on Digital Communications effort.

The program, which was launched two years ago, was designed to tap into the best minds in the academic and public policy communities and stimulate research into challenges facing the telecommunications industry.

Time Warner Cable said the research program awards stipends to generate reports and provide new information, insights and practical advice to policymakers and policy stakeholders. Each stipend is for $20,000.

Today's stipends were the first round of awards made this year after two rounds of awards last year. To date, the program has given 18 awards to 25 leading researchers. The next deadline for stipend applications is Nov. 1.

The scholars selected for today’s stipends, as well as brief descriptions of their papers, are:

  • “Internet service providers and interdependent network security,” by Dr. Jens Grossklags, assistant professor at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University.

    This project will increase the understanding of policies and approaches to enhancing ISPs' cybersecurity. It will provide insights into the state of best practices, efforts to engage customers to improve cybersecurity and ways to identify successful policies that promote cybersecurity.
  • “Intermediation and localism in the market for online news,” by Dr. Lisa George, visiting associate professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and associate professor of economics at Hunter College and the Graduate Center for the City University of New York.

    This paper will mark a first attempt to measure the influence of search engines, aggregators and other digital intermediaries on the consumption of local news. Do intermediaries reduce or expand the number of sources consulted by individual readers? Do they shift attention away from local sources? The project will inform news providers and policymakers about the nature of demand for local content on the Internet and the evolving role of technology in shaping the market for news.

"This fifth round of competition was especially intense, and the quality of applications continues to increase,” Fernando Laguarda, director of the program and vice president for external affairs and policy counselor at Time Warner Cable, said. “These stipends show the Time Warner Cable Research Program on Digital Communications continuing to make a contribution to scholarship and the public policy debate."

More information about the program can be found online and by following the program on Twitter.