Starz Entertainment and DirecTV struck a new multi-platform deal that adds online access to movies and other video content to the satellite provider’s TV Everywhere stable.

Under the terms of the new agreement, DirecTV was granted the rights to offer Starz Online and Encore Online on its DirecTV Everywhere service, which is currently in beta testing. The online offerings will be available to authenticated Starz Super Pack subscribers.

In addition, the new deal – financial terms weren’t disclosed – also lets DirecTV launch Movieplex, Indieplex, Rertroplex, and the related Movieplex On Demand and Movieplex Online service on DirecTV Everywhere.

"We are pleased that the Starz and Encore premium channels and service are a part of our DirecTV Everywhere platform," said Derek Chang, executive vice president of content strategy and development at DirecTV. "Providing our Starz Super Pack subscribers with online access to their subscription content from Starz through DirecTV Everywhere later this year will bring even more value to our customers."

The extension also allowed DirecTV to continue offering Starz Entertainment’s traditional premium channels, HD offerings and on-demand services.

DirecTV currently offers 15 Starz and Encore channels, with eight in high-definition for its Super Pack subscribers, in addition to the Starz and Encore VOD services. DirecTV’s Starz and Encore VOD services, along with the new Starz and Encore online content, feature about 600 movies, original programming and TV programming per month. The Movieplex on-demand and online services will add about 200 titles once their launched.

"DirecTV and Starz have a long, symbiotic relationship going back to the early 1990s, and I am very pleased that we are able to extend and expand our existing business relationship," said Ed Huguez, president of affiliate distribution for Starz Entertainment.