Ubee Interactive has purchased substantially all assets of AirWalk Communications, a small company that specializes in femtocell products.

Neither company commented on the financial terms.

Ubee formed a subsidiary, UbeeAirWalk, to conduct the purchase. AirWalk was a venture-backed company that had attracted about $45 million in investments. The company attracted former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to its board of directors.

There has long been speculation that the combination of broadband modems (Ubee) with femtocells (AirWalk) might be a viable solution for alleviating traffic on cellular networks by enabling individual consumers and business customers to backhaul cell traffic originating in homes and offices.

Indeed, Ubee said that the combined company will be able to offer service providers “a full range of solutions to address the needs of the promising connected home and connected office markets.”

With AirWalk's patent portfolio, Ubee said it has built a comprehensive mobile broadband product portfolio and a presence in the high-growth 3G and 4G/LTE small cell markets.

That latter reference appears to be a reference to AirWalk’s deal to supply femtocells to Sprint, which supplied the devices to enterprise customers.