Time Warner Cable Media is the first cable operator to pick Nagra-OpenTV’s EclipsePlus/xG Billing offering, which is the vendor’s first module in its forthcoming line of next-generation advanced advertising products.

Time Warner Cable has been a long-time user of Nagra-OpenTV’s EclipsePlus billing service that handles the traffic and billing processes for linear advertising, but xG Billing was designed to consolidate billing from other forms of advanced advertising.

“What it speaks to is the request from operators to be able to take a linear advertising, on-demand advertising, the broadband Web-based advertising and newer forms that will still come in the future, and consolidate them into a single billing and accounts receivable system,” said Paul Woidke, senior vice president and general manager of advanced advertising for Nagra-OpenTV. “The long and the short of it is that’s what the product does. It consolidates the invoicing and the accounting functions for linear, on-demand and broadband advertising into a single system.”

EclipsePlus xG Billing Diagram

xG Billing will enable Time Warner Cable Media to produce individual invoices that will include separate lines for metrics and pricing per multi-product campaign or advertising partner, regardless of the type of advertisement placed, whether it’s linear, on-demand, interactive, Internet-delivered or addressable.

“We have chosen EclipsePlus/xG Billing to be our enterprise system because it supports our desire to serve our clients with a wide and varied portfolio of advertising solutions,” said Chris Faw, senior vice president of operations for Time Warner Cable Media. “It is a tremendous opportunity to simplify the billing and reporting process for our clients by seamlessly combining multiple advertising products onto a single invoice.”

The billing module gives cable operators the flexibility to work with other vendors, such as DoubleClick on the broadband-based advertising side, while presenting the customers, in this case advertisers and ad agencies, with a single invoice.

“Our goal in developing this is to serve a need that Time Warner and other operators have discussed as being necessary,” Woidke said. “You can use us for your linear advertising, which is still the largest portion of your advertising, and if you experiment with somebody else to do advertising for other portions, that’s fine. OpenTV-Nagra will provide you with a product that will allow you to consolidate all of that invoicing from different platforms and different vendors onto a single invoice because a single invoice is what the advertisers want, it’s what the agencies want and it’s what the cable operators want to give them.

“We are walking the walk of supporting our operators in their desire to be able to select different vendors for different products, but still be able to bring the results together at the end.”

Woidke said Nagra-OpenTV was in the process of customizing xG Billing to fit Time Warner Cable Media’s needs, and that it will go live later this year.

EclipsePlus/xG Billing is the foundation stone for Nagra-OpenTV’s next-generation advanced advertising platform. Slated for release near the end of this year is a module that will support on-demand.