Satellite-based broadband keeps getting better. Newtec recently demonstrated 372 Mbps bidirectional throughput and 313 Mbps unidirectional throughput to its newest modems.

The demonstration was with an Intelsat 72 MHz Ku-band transponder, a 4.5 meter antenna, and modems incorporating Newtec’s wideband Clean Channel Technology (CCT) and Equalink.

The company said it did not expect throughput as high as 313 Mbps. Furthermore, faster rates are possible, as the demonstration did not include the use of the upcoming modulation and coding DVB-S2 extensions that Newtec is working on.

When adding a return carrier within the same transponder and Newtec’s second-generation Bandwidth Canceller (ZN781), 372 Mbps was reached. The company said that exceeds by far currently available alternatives within the same link conditions.

The company said its wideband modem technology will become commercially available later this year.

“It’s Newtec’s intent to productize the most efficient modulation and demodulation algorithms and to help standardization bodies with defining and bringing new standards to the market,” said Dirk Breynaert, Newtec’s co-founder and chief technical officer.

“We are strong believers in a non-proprietary technology approach, sharing our innovations to the benefit of the whole satellite industry. Standardization also creates the necessary economy of scale to keep costs as low as possible,” Breynaert added.

Separately, Newtec said it has successfully tested its new high-speed Ka-band technology for European broadband service provider SES Broadband. SES has been using Newtec’s Ku-band products.