Mediacom Communications has initiated night and weekend installation service and a money-back guarantee for new customers.

Survey after survey over decades have made it crystal clear that customers hate being kept waiting and hate having to take off entire days of work to accommodate an installer or repair technician. Mediacom has become one of the first service providers to respond.

Customers will now be able to schedule service calls when it is most convenient for them. Also, customers selecting the first appointment in the morning or afternoon can expect a Mediacom service technician to promptly arrive at their home within an agreed-upon 30-minute timeframe, instead of the traditional four-hour service window, the company said.

“We spent a lot of time talking to people that live and work in the markets Mediacom serves about how we could improve the customer experience,” said David McNaughton, Mediacom’s senior vice president of marketing. “We found that customers wanted appointments that fit easily within their busy lives and service technicians that they don’t have to wait on to arrive. In short, they wanted their interaction with Mediacom to be simple and easy.”

The company instituted a 90-day money-back guarantee for new customers.

Finally, the company will soon be adopting new uniforms for what it’s calling its frontline employees.

“We believe this fresh new look will help convey a sense of consistency and professionalism to the customers we serve and promote a spirit of teamwork and pride within our workforce,” said McNaughton.

Mediacom is the nation's eighth-largest cable television company.