Comcast's Xfinity Customer CenterStanding in line for customer service is akin to deep cleaning by a dental hygienist; it’s to be endured, not enjoyed. But Comcast is taking steps to improve its customers’ experience on several fronts, one of which includes the transformation of many of its customer service centers across its footprint.

The new customer service centers, which are dubbed Xfinity Customer Centers by Comcast, provide a more customer-centric service and sales environment at locations that are more convenient for Comcast’s subscribers.

One recent example of the new and improved customer service centers had its grand opening in Colorado Springs on Friday. The 4,500-square-foot center in Colorado Springs is the largest Xfinity Customer Center in the nation to date.

“The new Xfinity retail store model not only has a new, more welcoming design, but a new attitude as part of our strategy to improve the customer experience and make it even easier for customers to do business with us,” said Cindy Parsons, spokeswoman for Comcast’s Mile High Region. “One change is the elimination of a line. An employee stationed at the door now greets each customer and helps them input their name into the queue system using an iPad.

“Four monitors in the store display the customers’ names so they can see when it is their turn to be helped by a representative. When their turn arrives, they are personally greeted by a consultant. This allows customers to walk around the store and test drive our products rather than just standing in line.”

Comcast's Xfinity Customer CenterParsons said Comcast customers can interact with its products and services by getting more information and test driving Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice at different stations throughout the store.

“We’ll also feature a 3-D TV so people can see the latest technology in action and have an iPad that showcases some of our popular apps, like the Xfinity TV app, and we have a unique, interactive Xfinity Home experience showcasing our latest home security product,” she said.

While at a customer care center, Comcast subscribers can also get personalized service from trained sales consultants, as well as take advantage of a self-service kiosk for paying their bills.

Parsons said Comcast hopes to have an Xfinity Customer Center open in Denver later this year. So far, Comcast has opened Xfinity Customer Centers in about half a dozen locations across the nation, including Seattle; Cromwell, Conn.; Baltimore; and Katy, Texas.

“We have plans to convert many of our centers over to this new interactive environment this year, but will not be changing all of them, depending on their location, size and the size of the customer base that they serve,” Comcast spokeswoman Jenni Moyer wrote in an email to CED. “Our transformation efforts began a few years ago in California when we relocated some of our existing centers into retail shopping centers and, at the same time, redefined the in-store customer experience. Our new Xfinity Retail Centers build on the learnings from the great work in California and take it to the next level by adding interactive displays, digital signage and an intelligent queuing system.”