Videotron is set to improve its illico TV service with a set of new tru2way-based interactive features co-developed with Alticast and set-tops from Cisco.

Videotron also appears set to start offering the same sort of limited a la carte capability first introduced by Shaw Communications last year.

Alticast said Videotron will create “the ability for the subscriber to choose their own entertainment package,” and an Alticast spokesman confirmed that this means Videotron will be offering what we’re referring to as limited a la carte. Videotron was unable to return calls by press time to confirm this directly.

Shaw allows customers to choose the set of channels within content categories. For example, it might give customers a menu of eight sports channels and let them pick any five for one set price, with each additional channel coming with an incremental charge.

Also, Videotron subscribers will be getting a new program guide, as well as digital video recorder (DVR) functionality, expanded video-on-demand and pay-per-view, caller ID, and weather. Those features plus the ability for the subscriber to choose their own entertainment package were developed with Alticast. Alticast managed the project for Videotron.

At the same time, the company said it will begin distributing Cisco Explorer 8642 HD DVR and Explorer 4642 HD set-tops.

Videotron will introduce the new capabilities in Quebec and surrounding areas on April 4, then gradually expand availability to its other markets.