Shaw Communications was the winning bidder on providing Snamprogetti Canada with communications services to the Sunrise Energy Project construction camp.

The three-year deal will service 1,500 individual camp rooms with Shaw Business’ triple-play offerings of phone, data and video.

Snamprogetti Canada, a contractor in the design and implementation of large oil and gas projects, is in charge of building the camp. The camp will act as a residence for construction contractors at the Sunrise Energy Project, an oil sands project located northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

"Up until now, business customers have not had any real or meaningful choice for their telecommunications needs," said Shaw Communications President Peter Bissonnette. "This agreement with Snamprogetti Canada is one of the largest of its kind for Shaw Business and shows our capability to provide exceptional tailor-made communications services to a wide variety of industries."

Voice services for the Sunrise Energy Project construction camp will be provided as part of one of the largest SIP deployments that Shaw Business has undertaken to date. Allowing for the transfer of voice services over the Internet, Shaw's IP network will provision customized voice and data service offerings.

High-definition television services will deliver customized video offerings to each of the 1,500 camp rooms, including video-on-demand, pay-per-view and a selection of channel packages.

On the data front, Shaw Business will also offer five Wi-Fi access points in the camp, as well as Internet connectivity to both wired and wireless devices.