Cisco's Videoscape Voyager VantageRogers Communications has started offering a combination whole-home PVR and TV Everywhere-style service based on Cisco's Videoscape architecture.

Rogers' NextBox 2.0 service wraps together whole-home PVR; in-home streaming, via Wi-Fi, of more than 20 channels of linear TV to tablet computers; and a new interactive program guide (IPG). NextBox 2.0 will initially be available only in Ontario.

The operator has created a new set of four service tiers ranging in price from $86.13 to $181.20 (Canadian), with the major differentiator being the speed and data allotment of the bundled broadband.

Rogers will supply subscribers who opt for NextBox 2.0 with Cisco Explorer 8642 HD DVR and 4642 HD boxes for secondary TVs.

The IPG is Cisco's Videoscape Voyager Vantage. That guide supports Web-based apps and widgets.

Cisco devised its Videoscape architecture to combine the traditional cable platform with Web-based services in such a manner as to make it easier for MSOs to gradually evolve to an all-IP platform.

Cisco has been a key supplier for Rogers, which earlier deployed Cisco's switched digital video technology.