Zodiac Interactive said that it has signed two more cable customers for its PowerUp HTML5 platform within their respective service environments.

The two operators were identified only as Tier 1 North American MSOs. The company previously announced that it has been working with Cablevision and with Videotron.

PowerUp HTML5 has been developed as a service-based, layered architecture, providing either a thin- or full-client front end supported by a service layer that separates the presentation layer from the underlying business logic and middleware.

The value of HTML5 is that it can provide a common element supporting applications that run on the Web, on mobile networks and in cable networks. MSOs with tru2way-based boxes will be able to host HTML5 applications that will run across PCs, set-tops and mobile devices.

Given its provenance in the Web world, however, HTML5 stands to provide a far more popular authoring environment than cable's tru2way.

The company said it provides full browser control of all systems and subsystems for IPTV infrastructures – not only tru2way, but for other set-top box application platforms such as PowerTV, Linux and GITV, as well.

"The goal of our clients is to enable a universal, advanced look, feel and navigation during the multi-screen user experience that not only meets, but also exceeds consumer expectations," said Zodiac CEO Brandon Brown.