Today, Knology officially launched its DOCSIS 3.0 wideband tiers in its Dothan, Ala., system, with no additional charges to its subscribers in the area.

Current residential and business customers were upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0 as follows: Residential Standard, up to 15 Mbps down/2 Mbps up; Edge, up to 35 Mbps down/3 Mbps up; Business Basic, up to 8 Mbps down/1 Mbps up; Select, up to 16 Mbps down/2 Mbps up; Xtra, 22 Mbps/2 Mbps; Max, 30 Mbps/5 Mbps; and Ultimate, where available, 50 Mbps/5 Mbps.

Knology's existing business customers, and all new business customers, can purchase any of the following levels of service: Basic, up to 8 Mbps down/1 Mbps up; Select, up to 16 Mbps down/2 Mbps up; Business Xtra, up to 22 Mbps down/2 Mbps up; Business Max, up to 30 Mbps down/5 Mbps up; and Business Ultimate, up to 50 Mbps down/5 Mbps up.

Additional features include security enhancements, such as support for 128-bit Advanced Encryption Security (AES), as well as support for IPv6.

"At Knology, we consistently strive to provide our customers with the most advanced technology on the market, and our DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade exemplifies our commitment to excellence," said Dothan general manager James Etheredge. "Through these enhancements, Dothan customers can now count themselves among the fastest Internet users in the nation."

Knology previously launched DOCSIS 3.0 in its Montgomery, Ala., Augusta, Ga., Charleston, S.C., Columbus, Ga., Huntsville, Ala., Knoxville, Tenn., Panama City, Fla., and Sioux Falls, S.D., markets.

During Knology's November third-quarter earnings report, Knology President Todd Holt said the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade to the Dothan system was completed and that the company was substantially done with its DOCSIS 3.0 deployments.

Knology has previously said it would start to broadly deploy digital terminal adapters (DTAs) this year.