Former Charter Communications executive vice president and chief technical officer Marwan Fawaz, along with Time Warner exec Gary Ginsberg, was recently appointed to Synacor's board of directors.

Ginsberg is Time Warner's executive vice president of corporate marketing and communications after previously serving as executive vice president at News Corp. He also served as a managing director at strategic consulting firm Clark & Weinstock, as a senior editor and counsel at the monthly magazine George and as a former assistant counsel to President Bill Clinton.

Prior to Charter, Fawaz was senior vice president and chief technical officer for Adelphia Communications and was a technology analyst at Vulcan Investment. Fawaz resigned from Charter last year and is now principal at Fawaz Consulting Services.

"I'm thrilled to have Marwan and Gary join our board of directors," said Synacor CEO Ron Frankel. "Their singular experiences, leadership skills, and collective expertise with key service and content providers will be invaluable to Synacor as we prepare for a potential IPO; continue to deliver the Synacor platform to cable, satellite, telco and consumer electronics companies; and in our campaign to bring TV Everywhere to everyone."

Synacor's TV Everywhere ambitions have been picking up steam. Last year, it worked with Charter Communications on a search and discovery feature for the MSO's Web portal in order to integrate searches of video content from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Also last year, Synacor set up a division that was designed to support TV Everywhere services.

Synacor has also designed Web portals for US Cable and Bresnan Communications.