Elemental Technologies is introducing audio management technology to help its customers comply with the CALM Act.

Developed with partner SRS Labs, the new technology enables Elemental's video processing systems to measure audio levels and correct them across hundreds of audio services, the company said. The system also generates reports on its activity.

Video processing and delivery solutions from Elemental support audio normalization for traditional broadcast, as well as audio correction for Web broadcast, for a consistent audio experience across all media.

The management system records key audio parameters and EBU R128 (including 2011 standards), incorporating: program loudness, maximum true peak, maximum momentary loudness and loudness range, Elemental said.

Reporting tools provide the ability to view historical values and store logs for use by third parties. Corrected content generates real-time alerts for targeted investigation of the original content.

All settings can be configured through a standard Web browser. A flexible REST interface allows for programmatic control of all settings. Email alerts and SNMP traps provide the ability to integrate into larger networks.

The recently enacted Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act requires the FCC to enforce rules for video service providers to deliver commercials with audio no louder than the accompanying program. The rules kick in later this year.