The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers announced this morning that it has extended the term of Mark Dzuban as president and CEO of the organization through the next five years.

Dzuban took over as president and CEO of the SCTE in 2009 after former president and CEO John Clark's contract wasn't renewed the year before.

Under Dzuban's guidance, the SCTE has refocused its efforts on becoming an engineering-driven organization that looks to support emerging technologies such as the migration to an IP infrastructure.

"Over the past three years, we've seen a dramatic transformation of SCTE and the benefits it offers to members and the industry, as well as significant growth of synergistic relationships between SCTE, CableLabs and the NCTA," said Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO of Time Warner Cable and chairman of the board of directors for the SCTE. "As a board, we feel that the vision, dedication and leadership that Mark Dzuban already has brought to SCTE are essential to ensuring the continued ability to meet the changing technological needs of the cable community in the future."

Dzuban brought in Daniel Howard as the SCTE's first CTO in 2010, and earlier this month, former Comcast exec Marty Davidson was hired as its vice president of engineering and network operations.

Dzuban's tenure with the SCTE has included the expansion of Professional Development efforts, the launch of the Smart Energy Management Initiative (SEMI), the creation of executive leadership programs with Dartmouth College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, the receipt of a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award, and the revitalization of SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

"The ability to create programs that support the industry at large has been tremendously satisfying," said Dzuban. "I'm grateful to the board for its continued support of SCTE's efforts and am especially appreciative of how enthusiastically our executives, staff and chapter leaders have embraced SCTE's expanded mission. I look forward to working with all involved to drive continued innovation in the years ahead."

A 2011 recipient of the NCTA's Vanguard Award, Dzuban has been honored for his pioneering work in cable telephony and other two-way services.

As the first employee of AT&T's new Broadband Consumer Services group, he drove deployment of more than 500,000 cable telephony lines after being promoted to senior vice president of AT&T Broadband Telephony Operations and Engineering.

Prior to joining SCTE, he was vice chairman of Cedar Point Communications and served in advisory positions to vendors such as Arris, Net2Phone/IDT and Broadcom.

Dzuban began his career in 1968 as a design engineer for Vikoa before he advanced to leadership positions in such organizations as Clear Cable and Cross Country Cable. Dzuban also served in Korea as a combat logistics specialist in the United States Army.

Among his hobbies, Dzuban collects cannon balls, Geiger counters, coins and stamps.