Comcast is finally going to start commercializing AnyPlay, the ability to deliver live video to any device in the home via a Wi-Fi router, starting in Denver and Nashville.

AnyPlay was originally announced six months ago. Comcast worked with Motorola Mobility to define a means to deliver the full video lineup to a Wi-Fi router in the home. Motorola calls the box Televation; it uses a 1 GHz tuner and a CableCard to deliver secure video to IP-enabled devices in the home.

In a blog post today, Comcast's senior vice president of video product development Mark Hess wrote: "With AnyPlay, you can watch the channels that are included in your linear channel subscription through the Xfinity TV app on the iPad, and very soon the Motorola Xoom tablet. This means that while someone else watches a program in the living room, for example, you can watch another show on your iPad from the backyard deck, kitchen or other places around the home."

The service will currently support the ability to watch live TV on only one additional screen (up to 10 devices can be registered with the service, however).

Hess said Comcast is making AnyPlay available to Xfinity HD triple-play customers in parts of Denver and Nashville.

The service will come at no additional charge, the company said. Though there is no mention of even a leasing fee for the Wi-Fi router, but the company does note that a $9.95 shipping and handling fee "may apply."

Hess also reminded that Comcast will soon be delivering on-demand content to the Xbox 360 (first announced in October) and to Samsung connected TVs (announced late last week).