CableLabs invited manufacturers of 3-D-capable cable set-top boxes, TV sets and test equipment to an event in February during which they'll be able to evaluate how well their products interoperate.

Ultimately, CableLabs will provide certification for products that conform to its OpenCable 3-D TV specifications.

For more than two years, CableLabs has been working with various manufacturers to make sure that legacy set-tops will be able to support a basic form of 3-D and that new set-tops will be able to support more advanced, higher-resolution 3-D formats.

The interop event, scheduled Feb. 13-17, will draw from expanded testing capabilities in the CableLabs 3-D TV research and demonstration lab, the organization said.

The CableLabs 3-D TV Lab, established in 2010, was set up to demonstrate prototype products and services and for testing conformance to standards and specifications that promote interoperability of 3-D TV technology and services on the cable network.

CableLabs said it is now equipped with a comprehensive suite of calibrated 3-D TV video test streams based on its OpenCable specifications. The tools are care of Allegro DVT, CableLabs said.

The test suite will be used in interoperability test events, the CableLabs Development Lab and the CableLabs Certification Program.