Broadcom has a full dance card of TV Everywhere and connected home offerings for next week's International Consumer Electronics Show, including six system-on-a-chip (SoC) MoCA 2.0 products and the integration of Sling Media into a SoC platform.

With the integration of EchoStar's place-shifting Sling Media software into Broadcom's BCM7425 dual HD transcoding MoCA 2.0 gateway SoC, manufacturers of set-top boxes and other consumer electronics devices, including smartphones, will be able to offer video anywhere with an Internet connection.

"Broadcom has the most advanced streaming and transcoding capabilities available today and is without equal when it comes to delivering the most-deployed STB SoC solutions. Now they will bring place-shifting technology to the largest possible audience," said Raghu Tarra, senior vice president and general manager of Sling Media. "We believe service operators will benefit with increased revenues, lower costs and, most importantly, customer loyalty."

Broadcom-powered boxes with Sling Media software will be available by the third quarter of this year.

Also next week in Las Vegas, Broadcom will demonstrate silicon that supports MoCA 2.0, which more than doubles available home network bandwidth. MoCA 2.0 also increases security and lowers power consumption.

Broadcom's MoCA 2.0-integrated portfolio includes six new set-top box and hybrid IP gateway SoC platforms. Broadcom said its integrated MoCA 2.0 SoC portfolio was an industry first.

Top video operators including Charter, Cogeco, Comcast, Cox Communications, DirecTV, Dish Network, Rogers Communications, Time Warner Cable and Verizon support MoCA 2.0.

Also today, Broadcom announced new SoC platforms for hybrid TVs and over-the-top (OTT) media players in order to enable Internet streaming and applications around a home. The new platforms can turn conventional digital TVs into Internet-connected "smart" TVs.

In addition to enabling hybrid TVs and OTT services, Broadcom is also delivering Android apps to TVs.