Bright House Media Strategies, the advertising arm of Bright House Networks, has struck a deal to sell ads in its Orlando, Fla., and Bakersfield, Calif., markets for AT&T AdWorks.

Similar to a deal that was struck last month between Bright House Media Strategies, Verizon and Knology, the advertising interconnect agreement with AT&T AdWorks creates a one-stop shop for local, regional and national advertisers to reach the Orlando and Bakersfield markets.

Bright House Media Strategies will exclusively sell local, regional and national spot ads in Orlando and Bakersfield on behalf of AT&T U-verse beginning in the first quarter of this year.

The agreement allows Bright House Media Strategies to offer the advertising community one location to buy inventory on AT&T U-verse across more than 45 ad-supported cable networks, and it will also create a platform for advertisers to make placements into key cable television programs across both company's inventories in Orlando and Bakersfield.

"Bright House Media Strategies is pleased to work with AT&T AdWorks to provide an ideal solution to advertisers that are looking for ways to ease the placement process," said Todd Stewart, corporate vice president of advertising sales at Bright House Networks. "This agreement is a great way for national, regional and local advertisers to reach two markets while streamlining the operational processes in one convenient stop."

NCC Media, the cable industry's national sales representative firm, will continue to serve national advertisers looking to place campaigns in Orlando and Bakersfield TV markets.

Comcast Cable, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable jointly own NCC Media.

"Bright House Networks and AT&T AdWorks are providing marketers and ad agencies an easy way to plan and buy cable advertising in Orlando and Bakersfield," said Dan Griffin, senior vice president of sales at NCC Media. "This new partnership gives our national advertisers enormous opportunities to reach and engage consumers and creates a superior advertising option in these markets."