Azuki Media PlatformAzuki Systems is introducing a managed multi-screen service it claims it can have up and running for any cable operator in just two days.

Azuki Systems has a content delivery platform that gained traction with programmers; HBO is using it for HBO Go, and Showtime recently followed suit. The company is now trying to leverage that success with service providers.

Azuki has configured its transcoding and video delivery system, the Azuki Media Platform, to provide managed delivery of over-the-top (OTT) live and on-demand video.

Azuki will handle media preparation, adaptive streaming, digital rights management (DRM), entitlement enforcement and analytics across all consumer-owned devices. Beyond the ability to support on-demand, monetization opportunities include ad insertion.

Service providers can ensure unmanaged networks behave and perform like managed networks, Azuki said, with no other infrastructure changes and no disruption to existing video operations.

The connector-based service delivery platform and its multi-screen delivery client allow for a simple plug-and-play interface with service providers' existing back office systems, the company continued. The system interfaces to DOCSIS and PCRF policy servers to dynamically monitor and manage traffic peak and network capacity.

The service supports a variety of features, according to the company, including:

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device session-shifting
  • End-to-end entitlement control per subscriber, device and content
  • Dynamic multi-screen ad insertion
  • Extended HTML5 compatibility for monetization and security
  • Detailed consumption analytics and metrics from all device types
  • Two second fast-channel-start/switch based on universal segmented adaptive streaming.

Azuki is apparently prepared to put its money where its mouth is. The company is offering what it's calling a Two Day Challenge: Azuki said it will prepare, protect and deliver the service providers' live and VOD content to their choice of multiple screens – in less than two days.

"First-generation OTT solutions like Netflix and Hulu were largely viewed by service providers as the enemy, when in reality they are lucrative business opportunities," said John Clancy, president and CEO of Azuki Systems. "With Azuki, it's no longer about OTT vs. the service providers; it is about the perfect marriage between the two. Service providers that leverage the power of a managed and optimized OTT video delivery in addition to their managed services – and deliver a rich, consistent viewing experience across multi-screen devices on any network – will achieve leadership positions in today's world of video."