A new international trade association has formed, aimed at developing unused broadcast TV spectrum (white spaces) for use in new wireless broadband services.

The members of the WhiteSpace Alliance are AmeriSys, BAE Systems, ETRI, NICT and Relay Services.

The alliance is backing use of the new IEEE 802.22 standard, which defines a means of delivering up to 29 Mbps per TV channel; more than 40 such channels, when available together, can deliver more than 1 Gbps capacity, the alliance said.

The alliance expects to target unserved and underserved markets around the world with this technology.

While the group is initially interested in exploiting 802.22, the alliance said other technologies – it specifically mentioned 4G/LTE – could be used as complementary transmission techniques for services in higher-density areas.

Notably missing from the group’s membership are the companies that have been trying, so far without much success, to establish white space services in the U.S. These include Dell, Google, Microsoft, Spectrum Bridge, Carlson and Aviacomm – all members of the Wireless Innovation Alliance.

The alliance said it is actively recruiting members from all parts of the ecosystem, such as silicon providers, ISPs, database providers, broadcasters, and original device and equipment manufacturers (ODM/OEM).

"We welcome new members that are willing to invest their time and energy to realize this global, multi-billion-dollar opportunity and make an impact on their company's bottom line," said Apurva Mody, chairman of the WhiteSpace Alliance. "This is a unique opportunity to shape the organization and participate in the WhiteSpace market – the next generation of Internet connectivity."