TWC Wi-Fi Finder appTime Warner Cable has launched a Wi-Fi Finder app for Android devices in its Los Angeles market, with an iOS version slated for release in a few weeks.

Time Warner Cable’s Wi-Fi deployment in Los Angeles, which went live earlier this year, is the cable operator’s largest to date, so it makes sense that the company would offer its Android-based hotspot finder there first.

The main benefit of using the app is that it lets Wi-Fi users move from one hotspot to another without having to authenticate themselves each time. The app works with both Android-based tablets and smartphones.

The app, which will be launched in other parts of the country, is available for free to Time Warner Cable customers that subscribe to its Road Runner data service. Users sign in to the service with their Road Runner passwords and email addresses.

Time Warner Cable’s Wi-Fi service is available on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis to non-subscribers for a fee via its Access Pass.

Time Warner Cable’s Wi-Fi Finder scans, finds and connects to the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots. It features automatic authentication that defaults a device over to the company’s Wi-Fi service where available, and it auto-authenticates and auto-connects when in range with a “remember me” feature.

In January, Cablevision launched an “Automatic Sign In” feature for its Wi-Fi service.

Also similar to Cablevision and Comcast, there’s an online hotspot map that shows Time Warner Cable customers where the hotspots are located via a visual icon.

Other features include an offline hotspot listing, which shows the hotspots when users aren’t connected to a network, and turn-by-turn directions to the hotspots. The app also has distinct indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot markers.

Time Warner Cable’s subscribers can keep track of their basic session usage, and the app has other reporting capabilities, as well.

In addition to Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Comcast, Bright House Networks and Shaw Communications have also been building out their Wi-Fi services to keep customers connected.