The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is seeking proposals for presentations to be given at the SCTE SEMI (Smart Energy Management Initiative) Spring Forum 2012, scheduled for March 15 in Philadelphia.

The conference is part of the SCTE's ongoing effort to drive innovation in key areas:  energy management for reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as power availability related to business services; disaster preparedness and recovery; and density, reliability and cost structure. Upper- and middle-level executives who are responsible for operations and powering will be in attendance.

The Spring Forum call for papers is posted on the SCTE's website in the Events section. The deadline for proposals is Friday, Jan. 13, 2011.

The call for papers requests the submission of presentations based on the following topics, and the submission of abstracts related to case studies is highly encouraged:

  • Facilities
  • DC powering
  • Facilities design and data center powering
  • Balanced cloud vs. private operations
  • Service feature density and service feature energy measurement and benchmarking
  • UPS vs. batteries
  • Smart Grid and impact on disaster recovery or operations
  • ISO 50001 overview
  • Software controls for reducing energy load
  • Server deployment strategy
  • Outside plant
  • RFoG topologies
  • Generator and disaster preparedness of operations
  • Power supply efficiency
  • Role of alternate power sources such as solar and fuel cells
  • Commercial services offering impact
  • Fleet operations
  • Viability of alternative fuel vehicles
  • Fleet lifecycle management and energy usage
  • GPS routing and remote telemetry for fleet
  • Workforce management improvements that reduce the need for truck rolls.

Interested presenters should submit to a one-page abstract (300 words max) with the name of the author/presenter, company, mailing address, telephone/fax number and email address.

The March 15 event will be the first SEMI Forum to be open to attendance by operators, programmers, vendors and other interested parties.