Motorola Medios UIMotorola Mobility has adopted products from FourthWall Media to support tighter integration between set-top boxes and mobile devices.

Motorola’s Medios multi-screen management software FourthWall’s EBIF Platform, designed to work with Motorola set-tops, and FourthWall’s AirCommand, a set of cloud-based services connecting mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to EBIF-enabled set-tops that FourthWall (formerly known as BIAP) introduced earlier this year.

Last month, BendBroadband was the first to deploy FourthWall’s EBIF platform on a Motorola platform. Bend integrated the FourthWall platform with Rovi’s content guide, a solution that could be licensed from Rovi.

The announcement of the deal between Motorola and FourthWall formalizes that relationship.

FourthWall has recently been concentrating on products that create opportunities for cross-platform applications that go beyond using smartphones and tablets as remote controls.

AirCommand was built to enable a variety of applications, including remote programming of DVRs; the ability to view and play on-demand titles; social media and messaging applications between mobile devices and set-tops; and cross-platform widgets, merchandising and commerce.

FourthWall’s technology partners also include Arris, SeaChange, Concurrent, itaas, Clearleap and OpenTV, among others. FourthWall products and technology are distributed through partnerships with Comcast Media Center, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks, Rovi, Dish Network and several other operators.

The company’s EBIF solutions include the Ad Widgets end-to-end advertising system; AdAim Audience Measurement Suite; TV Widgets; eBay on TV; sports applications such as My Football Tracker, My Basketball Tracker and My Baseball Tracker; Bill Pay on TV with PayPal; and Yellow Pages on TV.