Incognito Software and Applied Broadband said they are partnering on a subscriber consumption management solution for cable operators, which are struggling with the issue of provisioning the growing number of IP devices being used by consumers.

The two plan to integrate Applied Broadband's IPDR (Internet Protocol detail record) collection and analysis suite, called Pipeline Broadband Intelligence, into Incognito's fulfillment system, the Broadband Command Center, which handles device provisioning and service activation.

As the increasing number of Internet-enabled devices and online over-the-top services drives up broadband usage, cable operators are looking to streamline the provisioning, activation and management of their network bandwidth to optimize the customer experience while controlling costs, Incognito explained.

The integration of the Applied Broadband and Incognito products enables operators to have a centralized view and control of a subscriber's broadband services, from device provisioning and service fulfillment to overall bandwidth usage.

The coupling of network-based consumption intelligence with subscriber service and provisioning information creates new opportunities for cable operators to better manage broadband consumption growth and possibly monetize traffic patterns on their networks.

"Against an industry backdrop of multiple service providers rolling out bandwidth caps and other subscriber usage policies, DOCSIS IPDR collection, analysis and presentation is the key for cable operators to drive new revenue opportunities and optimize capacity planning and other business goals without creating privacy issues for their subscribers," said Jason Schnitzer, founder and principal at Applied Broadband.

The integrated Applied Broadband and Incognito solution will be generally available worldwide in spring 2012 and will be supported and sold by Incognito Software.