The SCTE bestowed one of its highest honors – certainly its most secret one – to Charter Communications’ vice president of field operations Tom Gorman, naming him 2011 SCTE Member of the Year.

Last year, the SCTE implemented some structural changes and adopted a new focus. As chairman of the SCTE Planning Committee, Gorman managed the reorganization of the SCTE board’s structure and oversaw revisions in the Society’s bylaws, policies and procedures.

Tom Gorman“I love you guys,” Gorman said in accepting the award. “I love the SCTE. The SCTE today is stronger than ever, and for that I’m grateful.”

The SCTE Hall of Fame inducted Harold Null Sr., who is now retired, and Terry Cordova of Suddenlink Communications.

As vice president of engineering at Storer Cable, Null was an early proponent of fiber-optics. He served as the fourth president of the SCTE (a position now called chairman of the board) and pioneered the concept of chapters for the Society.

Cordova was cited for a long history of participation in SCTE affairs, including two on the SCTE board.  

Cordova was also honored with the SCTE Chairman’s Award. Former chairman Bob Foote said he selected Cordova for his enthusiastic work and exemplary efforts as the Program Committee chairman for this year’s SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.

“This one is all about the team, and the SCTE staff is incredible,” Cordova said.

The Women in Technology Award, sponsored by Bright House Networks, was presented to Susan Adams, senior vice president of engineering and technical operations for Comcast’s Northeast Division.

Adams leads the technical teams responsible for building and maintaining Comcast’s voice, video and data networks, serving approximately 7.8 million customers across 14 states from Maine through Virginia.

“I’m humbled and honored,” Adams said. “I love working in this industry, and I look forward to doing it hopefully for many more years.”

SCTE also recognized its newest set of SCTE Senior Members. The requirements include having been an SCTE member for at least five years and having at least 10 years of technology experience. They are Tim Holzer of InnoTrans Communications, Steven Richey of 4Cable TV and Michael Timberlake of Time Warner Cable.

On Monday, the SCTE elected Time Warner Cable CTO Mike LaJoie as chairman of the SCTE board of directors. During the Awards luncheon, Foote introduced LaJoie.

LaJoie scrutinized the teleprompter being used by most of the presenters, and finding it blank, he said: “There’s nothing scripted for me to say, so thank you.”

CED’s very own
This year’s SCTE Excellence in Standards Award was bestowed on Jeffrey Krauss, president of Telecommunications & Technology Policy and a regular columnist with CED.  

Krauss was cited for having chaired the drafting groups for a number of standards, including SCTE 28, SCTE 128, SCTE 157 and SCTE 40. Krauss also participates in SCTE DVS groups dealing with audio loudness and advanced audio coding.

Krauss told a parable of industry participants arguing over the review of a standard, with a newcomer to the subject making a suggestion and getting ignored. “The moral is: The real work is done in drafting groups. If you have something to contribute at ballot time, it’s too late.”

Krauss commended both CableLabs and the NCTA for their work coordinating standards.

“Standards can create winners and losers,” Krauss reminded. “They can be very important to your business.”