It seems to be old brand week. While Motorola was reviving the Razr name, Arris has decided to affix the Moxi name to its entire whole-home product suite.

To that end:

  • Arris' Media Gateway is now the Moxi Gateway.
  • Its Media Player is now the Moxi Player.
  • The user interface is now the Moxi User Interface.
  • The Services Portal is now the Moxi Services Portal.

The value of a consistent name is similar to the value of a consistent user interface: it creates an association in the minds of users. In this case, Arris is explicitly attempting to create a group identity for its products used for distributing and accessing media throughout a networked home.

"The optimal in-home entertainment delivery architecture is changing, and operators need a product suite that provides the best multi-room DVR experience, access to Internet and personal media, while enabling services and applications which can best be supported by a cable operator-based service," said Ron Miller, vice president of product management for Arris Broadband Communication Systems.

Miller said Arris hopes to leverage the original Moxi's reputation for innovative technology to help promote the use of the combination of the company's DOCSIS 3.0 high-speed data and voice technology and the media-handling properties of the products that Arris picked up with its acquisition of Digeo.

The Moxi Gateway, Player, User Interface and Services Portal platform provide a six-tuner HD DVR with 500 GB of storage. It also includes DOCSIS 3.0 high-speed data and voice, a four-port Ethernet home networking router, plus support for MoCA 1.1+ home networking technology and an option for 802.11n Wi-Fi. It can connect with subscriber-owned DLNA-enabled devices across a home network, and it has CableCard conditional access and DTCP-IP encryption between the in-home devices.