A recent study by Canoe Ventures and the Association of National Advertisers found that interactive or advanced ads improved customer engagement and brand recall.

The study was further proof that interactive TV (iTV) can indeed bring more value to advertisers, ad agencies, programmers and cable operators. Canoe Ventures, which is backed by the nation’s six-largest cable operators, launched its EBIF-based request for information platform last year, and it’s now in front of 22 million homes.

Canoe Ventures and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) recently released the results of their collaborative research project, Cee Mee. The Cee Mee study initiative was designed to capture the "Connection, Emotion and Experience" of interactive television viewers and correlate this information with the "Measurement, Efficiency and Engagement" metrics of advertisers.

The project, which the two companies first announced a year ago, seeks to use this information to validate advanced television advertising solutions and launch them across a national cable footprint.

In February, Fidelity, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, Kimberly-Clark and State Farm were the first ANA members to join the effort that collected insights from a proprietary online panel of TV enthusiasts whose reactions to various advanced television experiences were evaluated.

The panel was formed by Cee Mee to provide opinions on media consumption, technology and other issues in surveys, discussion boards, blogs and live chats.

In aggregated results for Honda, GlaxoSmithKline, Kimberly-Clark and State Farm, on average, 18 percent of adults 18 to 49 years of age said “yes” to interactive offers and confirmed their choice.

Other results included a 29 percent “likelihood” to purchase the test brand after an interactive offer, as well as a 29 percent higher “likelihood” to seek out more information. Additionally, unaided brand recall for the test brand was 126 percent higher following an exposure to an interactive offer, regardless of whether the viewer actually accepted the offer.

“Directionally, the findings of the ANA brands through their work with the Cee Mee panel are the same as the findings Canoe has discovered in studies with national brands that have actually run early RFI campaigns,” said Canoe Ventures CEO Kathy Timko. “We see that some of the most important brand metrics – unaided brand recall, purchase intent and likelihood to seek additional information – see a lift from the insertion of attention-grabbing and engaging interactive offers. We appreciate the ANA members for their partnership in the exploration of advanced television through Cee Mee and remain dedicated to our ongoing work together to produce additional insights with the panel in 2012.”

Canoe and ANA are providing additional information about the Cee Mee panel and the research.