Fibertech Networks has teamed up with Ciena for the build-out of a mobile backhaul network for an unnamed wireless service provider in Connecticut.

Fibertech is building fiber-based 10 Gbps backhaul connections to 250 cell towers to meet demand for 4G mobile broadband services. The new network will allow the service provider to deliver high-bandwidth applications, such as mobile video and high-speed data connectivity, to both business and residential customers.

Currently in the deployment phase, Fibertech is using Ciena’s 5410 and 5150 Service Aggregation Switches and 3930 Service Delivery Switches to deliver a simplified, automated backhaul network that is also scalable.

Ciena’s Ethernet Service Manager (ESM), a solution for automated service creation, activation and management, will allow Fibertech to quickly turn up carrier Ethernet services to meet customer demands and SLA requirements.

Ciena is also providing Fibertech with ongoing consultation, maintenance and support for the deployment. Fibertech and Ciena have partnered on previous projects, including a managed platform for enterprise customers.

Fibertech provisions network backhaul for mobile carriers in the eastern and central U.S. The company provides connectivity to more than 2,000 cell towers across its footprint.

“After an eight-week successful trial run, we were impressed with the scalability, reliability and performance of Ciena’s CESD solutions,” said Earl Ipsaro, vice president of engineering at Fibertech. “Working with them ensures our customers’ ability to meet demand for bandwidth-intensive mobile applications for many years to come.”