Cisco's ISB7005 wireless receiverCisco is laying claim to an industry first with its new wireless IPTV receiver, which AT&T will offer across its entire footprint on Monday.

Cisco’s ISB7005 wireless receiver allows U-verse subscribers to send standard-definition and high-definition programming around a home via 802.11n Wi-Fi. The system also features Cisco’s VEN401 Wireless Access Point, which, along with the wireless receiver, is now part of the company’s Videoscape product stable.

“Never before has it been so easy to move your TV around the home to wherever it suits you,” said Joe Chow, vice president and general manager of connected home solutions for the Service Provider Video Technology Group at Cisco. “We are excited to reach this industry milestone, becoming the first to bring wireless TV to market with AT&T. Cisco is pleased to achieve new heights as AT&T’s wireless TV technology provider.”

The wireless platform delivers live TV channels and interactive services and also functions as a whole-home HD DVR, allowing consumers to view and manage DVR recordings wirelessly from a wired DVR in the home.

While AT&T customers will benefit from sending video content to areas that were previously not served through wires, AT&T saves on the time and money needed to wire a home.

“AT&T is bringing a new freedom to the TV experience, giving consumers the benefit of watching TV in virtually any room in the home,” said G.W. Shaw, executive director of U-verse marketing at AT&T. “Cisco’s wireless IPTV solution gives our customers flexibility with where they can place and watch their TVs and offers a faster and simpler setup process for customers and U-verse technicians.”

The integrated Wi-Fi receiver also offers service providers the ability to monitor the device’s performance via the network, as the receiver comes equipped with remote diagnostics.

AT&T will offer the wireless platform for a one-time initial setup fee of $49 and a $7 monthly fee per box.