TiVo has upped its game with the introduction of a new retail DVR that features four tuners and a 2 terabyte hard drive.

TiVo's Premiere Elite set-top box lays claim to being the only DVR that can simultaneously record four different shows while viewing a fifth recorded program. The hard drive allows for up to 300 hours of recorded HD programming, which TiVo said was two times the recording space of current DVRs.

Premiere Elite, which will be available later this year, also works only with digital cable systems, meaning it won't function with analog cable or over-the-air antennas. TiVo tipped its hand on the Premiere Elite when it filed for Federal Communications Commission approval earlier this year for waving the requirement to include analog tuners. TiVo said its FCC waver request is still pending.

TiVo Premiere EliteThe TiVo Premiere Elite is also able to access Internet content from Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube, among others. It also features THX certification for optimal sound and video fidelity.

Premiere Elite costs $499.99, along with TiVo's monthly charge of $19.99.

The new box will be on display starting tomorrow at CEDIA 2011 in Indianapolis.

"We are pleased to announce the TiVo Premiere Elite at this year's CEDIA show, as this product was designed specifically for the high-end custom home theater integrator or enthusiast looking to complete their home entertainment system with a best-in-class TV experience. Only TiVo Premiere Elite seamlessly combines digital cable programming with the best of Web entertainment, in full 1080p HD, and with 300 hours of HD recording space," said Doug Bieter, vice president of retail sales for TiVo. "With the added distinction as a THX-certified DVR, the TiVo Premiere Elite offers a high-end solution for premium quality installers looking for an improved way to get the most out of a customer's high-definition television and cable subscription."

During The Cable Show, TiVo introduced its TiVo Premiere Q, which was the company's first-ever quad-tuner gateway set-top box. RCN will be among the first cable operators to offer the Premiere Q set-top box to its subscribers, while Suddenlink also uses TiVo's DVRs.