Time Warner Cable has tweaked its iPad app with new features and better functionality.

As opposed to set-top boxes, Time Warner Cable was able to benefit from the shorter development cycle when it came time to revise its TWCable TV app. Time Warner Cable’s Jeff Simmermon, director of digital communications, posted a blog about the new features, which include a better search function.

The updated search function allows users to search for programs by title or episode within the iPad app via a search bar on the top right of the screen. Time Warner Cable subscribers can also sort the results based on genres such as news, cooking, travel and sports.

Simmermon said Time Warner Cable was working on an advanced search feature, which would include keywords and performers' names, that is slated to roll out at the end of the fourth quarter or early in the first quarter.

With the latest revision, there's now closed captioning and the ability to block specific live TV channels from viewing on the app.

The update also fixed problems with audio and the problem of some HD channels not showing up in the channel lineup, as well as the implementation of a few minor design tweaks.

Simmermon acknowledged that the TWCable TV app was a work in progress, and therefore new bugs could appear with the updated version.