RGB Networks has developed a new version of its video pump designed specifically for TV Everywhere applications.

The new VMG-8 has a 7-RU chassis that holds up to eight modules and shares most of the same features as the company's larger VMG-14 and all the transcoding, transrating, ad insertion and other advanced video processing capabilities of the VMG family.

The company said the scaled-back format of the VMG-8 makes it more appropriate for small- to medium-size deployments or deployments at the edge.

In its fully redundant configuration, the VMG?8 can be equipped with three video transcoder modules, one audio transcoder module and a single controller module for transcoding programs to more than 140 streams for delivery to any IP-enabled device. In this configuration, each module type has a backup, which can take over operation should the primary fail.

Complementing its module redundancy, the VMG?8's reliability is further enhanced with backup power supplies and cooling fans, which automatically take over in the event a primary unit fails.

In addition to scaling back the size and power requirements of the VMG-14, RGB has also increased transcoding capacity for the TCM module used by its VMG line. The new version of the TCM module is capable of transcoding up to 60 SD or HD inputs and 240 adaptive bit rate outputs per VMG?8 chassis, and up to 132 SD or HD inputs and 528 outputs per VMG?14 chassis.

The new VMG-8 can also accommodate RGB's recently added AMP module, which is a flexible Linux-based blade developed initially for real-time audio transcoding.

"With operators going live with TV Everywhere IP video services, it's becoming clear that consumer usage and the growing number of end-user devices is putting a significant strain on network equipment to keep up with the demand," said Brian Johnson, director of product marketing for RGB Networks. "In consultation with our customers, we have developed the VMG?8 to address their desire for increased capacity, scalability and reliability, while still minimizing rack space and power requirements."