Cox Communications' Hampton Roads market has started a Facebook promotion, where the winner will receive three months of free service from the cable operator.

The contest is called the Golden Digeez Awards program, with Digeez being Cox's official company mascot. The contest recognizes "everyday" individuals who provide technology support to their friends and neighbors. The contest is hosted on the Cox Hampton Roads Facebook site, which allows participants to vote. The winner will be determined by popular vote.

Cox started the contest yesterday, and nominations will be accepted until Sept. 9.

"It's the first time Cox has done something like this, where we are recognizing the fulfillment of our brand promise among consumers. … That promise is for us to be a friend in the digital age. We know that technology is becoming even more challenging for some consumers, and this program is intended to recognize and reward those who are helping their friends and neighbors out," said Gary McCollum, Cox Virginia senior vice president and general manager. "This individual personifies the actions of the Cox mascot Digeez by assisting their family and friends with their video, Internet, telephone and wireless phone services."

The winners will be named the "People's Choice" recipient and will receive a Golden Digeez statuette along with three months of the Cox Preferred Bundle for free.

The individual who provides the nomination will also win, as they will receive one month of the Cox Preferred Bundle for free.

Also, there will be a "Cox Choice Award" provided. This award will be provided to an entry chosen by Cox Communications.