Bytemobile has come out with a new traffic management product that can automatically adapt and manage all of an operator's mobile Internet traffic in real time.

The move is an important moment for the company, which until now has stuck primarily to its core video optimization business. Bytemobile plans to further entrench its position with wireless operators with today's introduction of the T3000 Adaptive Traffic Management System and the first T3000 Series product, the T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager.

The company currently has more than 40 operators under contract for its video optimization products. Bytemobile marketing executive Ronny Haraldsvik says the company is in "final negotiations" for commercial orders from the new product line and could book its first client for the T3100 as early as this quarter.

The T3100's secret sauce lies in its ability to handle all layers of mobile Internet traffic by combining Layer 2-4 traffic management with Layer 5-7 content awareness. This allows the system to manage and optimize all mobile IP traffic in response to real-time network conditions.

Bytemobile claims the in-line platform can improve network capacity and reduce an operator's total cost of ownership for traffic management by up to 50 percent within months of deployment.

"We built the T3000 Series to solve a fundamental problem in mobile networks. The increasingly bandwidth-hungry video, applications and rich multimedia content traversing 3G and 4G radio access networks today have become too complex for existing traffic management solutions," Bytemobile products executive Chris Koopmans said, adding that the T3100 "can detect and react to network conditions in the cell, radio access network (RAN) and core in milliseconds."

The T3100 uses deep packet inspection for visibility into all layers of Internet traffic, as well as load balancing and traffic steering for both upstream and downstream traffic. Operators also can use the product to set tiered quota and congestion management policies.

The system also caches popular content closer to the edge of the access network, uses Bytemobile's existing optimization capabilities and can provide operators with metrics on the end-user experience.