Baldwin Telecom plans to expand into switched digital video, relying on Adara Technologies' hosted SDV service.

Baldwin chose the Adara solution over an analog reclamation approach using digital terminal adapters (DTAs).

"In deciding the best way to upgrade our network to better compete, we heard from several other service providers that outlined their experience with the DTA approach – millions of dollars spent in expected and unexpected costs coupled with significant customer disruption and little or nothing to show for it in terms of truly improving competitiveness," said Matt Knegendorf, Baldwin's cable TV manager.

"By conducting a side-by-side comparison of the DTA approach versus Adara's hosted SDV solution, we quickly realized that all factors pointed in favor of the SDV option. It wasn't even close from every important perspective, including cost, time to market, effective capacity increase, new services and revenues enabled, future-proofing, and IPTV migration," Knegendorf added.

For Baldwin Telecom, both the capex and the opex for Adara's SDV upgrade solution are less than one-tenth that of a DTA approach, and the time to market of the resultant new HD services will be four months instead of two years, the vendor said.

Baldwin claims approximately 4,000 subscribers in Baldwin, Wis., and the surrounding areas east of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Adara's hosted and managed video solution is applicable to any provider, whether they are currently invested in a Motorola, Cisco/SA, or other legacy digital video headend, CAS and associated set-top boxes. The solution uses Cisco SDV technology.