Shaw Communications is breaking ground on a new, energy-efficient data center in Calgary that's slated to open its doors in the spring of 2014.

Shaw said the new data center would provide a power boost to its next-generation broadband technology.

"In a digital world, there is no question that customers are looking for unparalleled connectivity and power," said Shaw Communications President Peter Bissonnette. "We're already delivering unparalleled speeds with our newly announced Internet packages, but we know technology doesn't stand still. Shaw's new data center will ensure we're able to stay ahead of the technology curve with an energy-efficient infrastructure that is able to handle new innovations as they come."

Construction of the center started this month and incorporates "free cooling," which will allow Shaw to cool the data center without heavily relying on traditional air conditioning. Shaw said this low-impact technique supports its commitment to the company's environmental footprint.

In the last year, Shaw eliminated 5,176 tons of carbon by using renewable wind energy in three of its buildings – the equivalent of taking more than 900 cars off the road.

"Sustainability is top of mind at Shaw," stated Bissonnette. "In recent years, we have introduced several processes that manage our impact on the environment – from vendor selection to building practices, including LEED certification, and vehicle choices. We're proud to be making responsible decisions."

In April, BendBroadband’s “Vault” data center opened for business. The Vault is a Tier III "green" data center that offers colocation, disaster recovery and cloud computing services.

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