HP and Rovi have signed a new licensing agreement, extending an existing deal that provides the legal framework for the former to make use of the latter's s RoxioNow platform.

The first products covered by the new agreement are HP's MovieStore app for its new TouchPad table. The TouchPad is HP's first webOS tablet; it adds to a range of HP notebooks and desktop PCs that are already powered by the RoxioNow entertainment platform.

The new licensing agreement provides content licensing and infrastructure services that include a cloud-based movie and TV locker that provides HP customers persistent access to movie and TV content across HP devices.

"With a range of innovative and intuitive products, including tablets and smartphones, HP is an ideal customer with which we can expose the extensive capabilities of our RoxioNow platform. Consumers now demand the ability to access their favorite entertainment across a diverse set of devices and platforms," said Corey Ferengul, executive vice president of products at Rovi.

"HP is committed to creating a connected and consistent consumer experience across its broad portfolio of products," said Richard Kerris, vice president of webOS worldwide developer relations at HP. "Collaborating with Rovi will ensure we deliver an entertainment experience that embodies this commitment and provides our customers with seamless access to high-quality entertainment."

Through the RoxioNow platform, Rovi serves a broad range of recent release, major studio movies and TV programs to a multi-manufacturer ecosystem of home and mobile electronics. Rovi currently enables white-label storefronts for a number of brick and mortar retailers, cable operators, PC manufacturers, consumer electronics makers and Hollywood studios' direct-to-consumer initiatives.

Separately, Rovi announced a new multi-year agreement to power the Canadian availability of CinemaNow. The digital entertainment service, expected to launch in September through Best Buy Canada and Future Shop, will be available initially online and then will expand to offer access through a range of Internet-connected consumer electronics devices. RoxioNow is also the basis for CinemaNow.

The Canadian CinemaNow service is expected to be available on select connected TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, set-top boxes, PCs and mobile devices and provides access to a broad library of new movies, TV shows, independent titles and older catalog films.