Coopérative de Câblodistribution de L'Arrière Pays (CCAP) has contracted to use the switched digital video (SDV) service provided by Adara Technologies.

CCAP is a triple-play service provider with 13,000 video subscribers in and around Quebec City. The company has been delivering all of its video services by operating as a hub site of a large Tier 1 MSO.

With limited control, flexibility and access to advanced services, CCAP took the opportunity to go with a hosted, managed service that offered more opportunities.

"We are very encouraged by how Adara's hosted and managed video solutions help smaller operators like us control our own destiny," said Stéphane Arseneau, CCAP's director of administration and customer service. "Our ultimate success in the video business is a direct result of our ability to delight our customers with the state-of-art services they desire. If we cannot deliver, our customers will go elsewhere."

Adara's service is based on Cisco's SDV technology to deliver up to hundreds of incremental HD services. It also combines Cisco's advanced, Web-connected set-top boxes with an advanced, next-generation UI for interactive Web applications, widgets and the delivery of provider-controlled over-the-top (OTT) content.

Though the company is allied with Cisco, its solution is applicable to any provider, irrespective of whether it is currently invested in a Motorola, Cisco/SA or other legacy digital video headend, CAS or associated set-top box.

"We never imagined that there would be a cost-effective way for us, or any small operator, to implement SDV," said Jacques Lemoine, CCAP's director of technical services. "And then we learned that Cable Cable Inc. – an operator in Ontario less than one third the size of CCAP – had achieved great success over the past few years after having deployed the hosted and managed SDV solution from Adara. We are looking for equally spectacular results."