Avail-TVN has introduced a fully managed multi-screen video service, called AnyView, developed to enable service providers to extend their traditional VOD and linear television to authenticated, broadband-connected devices such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

AnyView uses adaptive bit rate streaming to deliver video, detecting a user's bandwidth and device capacity in real time and delivering encoded files at the appropriate data rate to connected consumer electronics devices.

AnyView addresses the over-the-top threat by providing an integrated service that extends TV viewing to connected device viewing, allowing authenticated subscribers to continuously view the same program from one device to another, Avail-TVN said.

A rights management engine controls access to content based on a variety of business rules, including device attributes, content format, geo-location and subscriber tier of service. AnyView content is encoded in MPEG-4, which uses only half of the bandwidth of traditional MPEG-2 encoding and allows the service provider to offer high-impact HD services.

Avail-TVN AnyView

"With AnyView, Avail-TVN is helping our studio and network content partners and affiliated service provider customers deliver on the promise of next-generation digital media services," said Doug Sylvester, chief strategy officer at Avail-TVN. "Avail-TVN's investment in video distribution infrastructure – including our next-generation distribution architecture and vastly increased storage capabilities – has created the platform to launch AnyView with international and U.S. partners."

Service offering
AnyView offers Avail-TVN's customers a fully managed solution that removes complexity from the network and allows service providers to focus on the customer experience.

The offering includes:

  • Equipment, installation and management
  • Multi-platform movie rights
  • Free and subscription content
  • Adaptive bit rate encoding
  • Cloud storage
  • White-label client device user interfaces
  • Content security – DRM/CA/encryption
  • Integration with BSS systems
  • Metadata/artwork management
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Customer care
  • Royalty settlements
  • Usage reporting.

AnyView currently supports a range of iOS, Android, OS X and Linux devices, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PCs, Macs and Roku.

The AnyView roadmap also calls for support for many additional devices before U.S. commercial launch. Furthermore, Avail-TVN has also secured multi-platform movie rights and permissions from a number of major and independent studios and a growing number of programmers. With hybrid delivery technology and cloud storage capability, service providers will be able to offer a virtually unlimited amount of content through the AnyView platform.

The company said trials are currently underway in several international markets, including several in the Caribbean, and that U.S. trials were scheduled to begin this month. Avail-TVN said it expects commercial deployments in Q3 2011.