Adara Technologies announced a go-to-market partnership with CCI Systems that was designed to enable advanced video services for Tier II and Tier III operators.

The partnership between the two companies calls for CCI Systems to co-market and co-deliver the Adara platform to mid- and small-size video service providers throughout the United States.

Adara Technologies is a provider of cloud-based, hosted and managed advanced video offerings that enable mid- to small-size service providers to implement advanced video services. CCI Systems has expertise in design, construction, maintenance and consultative engineering of communications systems, as well as the integration of new technologies and services.

Adara's hosted and managed video platform works with any provider, irrespective of whether they are currently invested in a Motorola, Cisco/SA or other legacy digital video headend, CAS and associated set-top boxes.

"Our customers' headend and DTV investments are protected with our solution since there is not fork-lift change required," said David Forbes, Adara vice president of sales and business development. "It's a cap-and-grow approach that our customers are delighted about."

Adara's platform uses Cisco's switched digital video (SDV) technology to deliver incremental HD services, and it also combines Cisco's Web-connected set-top boxes with an advanced, next-generation UI for interactive Web applications, widgets and delivery of provider-controlled over-the-top (OTT) content.

"Our two companies have unique and complimentary market relationships and implementation skill sets," said Todd Gingrass, vice president of technology for CCI Systems. "Our combination will significantly increase the number of service providers that will have access to a revolutionary video solution at a critical time when mounting competitive pressures threaten the video businesses of our mid- to small-size operator customers."