This Technology is rolling out new services that have the potential to significantly alter the cable advertising market by rationalizing the process by which MSOs support different Ad Decision Services for different businesses.

The new services build off of the company's SpotLink, a platform introduced earlier this year that allows programming networks to use existing broadband ad servers with any MSO-installed SCTE 130 system for digital ad insertion (DAI).

This Technology's new SpotLink Ad Decision Service Router and SpotLink Data Boundary Manager (optional plug-ins for SpotLink) give MSOs the flexibility to work with multiple Ad Decision Service (ADS) systems but still protect subscriber data during interactions with programmer partners.

"The cable advertising business consists of multiple disparate businesses that run in parallel, including local MSO ad sales, local MSO marketing for brand building, regional and national interconnect businesses, and the national business that programmers run across all systems," said Jeffrey Sherwin, CEO of This Technology. "This Technology's new ad routing and data management services empower MSOs to strategically support different Ad Decision Services for each of these different businesses, at the lowest possible cost, while keeping subscriber data safe."

Meanwhile, "programmers already have a working operation for managing digital inventory online and want to use this to operate nascent DAI inventory," Sherwin said. "This Technology's ADS Router makes that possible."

With the ADS Router, MSOs can enable each of the different ad businesses to select the most economically efficient solution, including leveraging high-volume broadband ad servers for lowest-cost campaign management services, the company explained.

The SpotLink ADS Router enables MSOs to operate multiple, parallel SCTE 130 Ad Decision Services for multiple inventory owners in a single video stream. As a result, national, marketing and local avails in the same VOD, IPTV or TV Everywhere stream can be routed to decision systems that are optimized for the market structure, business needs, work flow and specific ecosystems of the respective advertising businesses. This new architectural flexibility for MSOs enables the selection of the best ad decision solution for each business.

The SpotLink Data Boundary Manager gives MSOs the ability to apply data access policy to individual ad requests, effectively controlling the flow of session and subscriber data to internal and external ad-serving solutions. This empowers MSOs to provide local ad sales teams with unique data access and to create premium data offerings for national ad inventory owners. It also serves to protect subscriber data from unauthorized access or distribution.

The ADS Router and Data Boundary Manager can be licensed a la carte using software as a service (SaaS) licensing models as part of the SpotLink enterprise license.