Sigma Designs has come up with a reference design for a home gateway box that would enable service providers to incorporate over the top video into their service offerings.

Based on HomePlug networking technology, the box is designed for the easiest of self-installs; lacking a cord, it plugs directly into a power socket. It would connect to a HDTV through an HDMI connector.

The design incorporates Sigma Designs' SMP8670 media processor, designed specifically for over-the-top application environments such as Adobe AIR for TV, Adobe Flash Player and others.

This new solution is 40 percetn faster than previous Sigma thin-client solutions, the company said, and consumes 30 percent less power. 

Sigma Designs modifies HomePlug with its own technology, called ClearPath. According to the company, ClearPath makes HomePlug capable of carrier-class streaming of HD video, voice and data over existing powerlines in the home.

The design integrates Z-Wave RF technology for the remote control functionality. With Z-Wave, the ultra-thin can be placed out of sight, behind the TV or in a cabinet. Available Z-Wave devices include lighting, door locks, thermostats and more, Sigma Designs noted.

Sigma Designs will make the fully integrated ultra-thin set-top box reference design available to service providers and their set-top equipment suppliers.

"Service providers are looking for ways to cut costs while improving the consumer experience," said Thinh Tran, chairman and CEO at Sigma Designs. "With the Sigma ultra-thin, telcos and cable companies can enable users to self-install their set top box for dramatically reduced deployment costs. Just as importantly, this high performance solution delivers more reliable quality of service, a form factor consumers' love and the biggest ecosystem of interoperable home control products to control."