Cox Business and several of its commercial services customers will be putting the IPv6 protocol through its paces during this Wednesday's World IPv6 Day.

Last year, Cox started exchanging native IPv4 and IPv6 traffic dual-stack with several of its business customers and also has residential service trials underway with its employees.

IPv6While reserved IPv4 addresses are expected to finally run out sometime next year, the global transition to IPv6 will be ongoing over the coming years. World IPv6 Day, which is coordinated by the Internet Society (ISOC), gives service providers and large websites, such as Google and Facebook, the chance to see if they can support both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously without service interruptions.

"We are testing IPv6 with Cox Business customers early to ensure that they can provide a consistent experience to their end users," said Jeff Finkelstein, senior director of architecture at Cox Communications. "Cox's dual-stack IPv6 deployment allows customers the ability to continue leveraging current IPv4 capability while incrementally adding the IPv6 support required for the next generation of network devices and applications."

Cox Business customers participating in World IPv6 Day include ARIN, FastQ Communications, InsureMyTrip, Jefferson Lab, Kwikom, Login and Promptlink. These businesses will access multiple websites running IPv6 on World IPv6 Day and monitor interoperability with their internal systems. Cox will look over the results to determine successful points of integration and highlight opportunities for improvement as the global transition approaches.

"Using a voice analogy, when someone makes a call, you want to make sure the phone rings on the other end," added Finkelstein. "Cox is deploying support for IPv6 in a way that is transparent to the customer experience and is working to ensure all networks, systems and products are fully IPv6-enabled."

Cox's core network is fully IPv6-compliant, and the company is transitioning the network edge and support infrastructure to meet customer demand.

Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Charter Communications and GCI will also be taking part in the 24-hour test of World IPv6 Day.

Last week, Videotron said it was one of the first major ISPs in Canada to enable IPv6 addresses.

Next week at The Cable Show in Chicago, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association will host its IPv6 Summit.