Comcast, the nation's largest ISP, has expanded its Constant Guard suite of services to include free identity theft protection, while also simplifying the installation of its other security features.

With the addition of Identity Guard, Comcast said it believes it's the first ISP in the nation to offer its Internet subscribers identity theft protection from cybercriminals. Comcast is offering Identity Guard through a company called Intersections Inc.

Comcast first trialed Constant Guard in Denver in 2009 before rolling it out across its footprint last year.

Constant Guard Protection Suite - Click to EnlargeConstant Guard is Comcast's umbrella brand name for its security and safety features that are included with the company's Xfinity Internet service. With the addition of Identity Guard, the Constant Guard platform includes bot detection and notification, secure backup, and Norton Security Suite.

Comcast said Identity Guard is available in three levels of service. The basic Essentials offering is free, but customers can upgrade their service to include even more protection – such as proactive monitoring and alerts of personal information, including Social Security numbers, access to full credit profile and scores, and visibility to public records. The upgraded Preferred level is currently being offered for $7.99 a month, while the Premier level is $12.99 a month.

Also new today, Comcast wrapped up the various online security features into the Constant Guard Protection Suite. Comcast said the downloadable desktop application has a value of $360. The Constant Guard Protection Suite dashboard serves as a single point of entry for all of Comcast's online security features.

"We know consumers are increasingly concerned about online identity theft," said Cathy Avgiris, senior vice president and general manager of communications and data services for Comcast. "By adding identity theft protection to our Constant Guard Security Suite arsenal, Comcast now offers the most comprehensive online security protection of any major Internet service provider in the U.S."

Once the Constant Guard Protection Suite application is downloaded, subscribers can make secure, one-click log-ins to banks, shopping sites and other online accounts. It also provides protection against malicious software designed to steal passwords and online account information.

Other features include online credit card protection and concealing keystrokes when a Comcast subscriber types online.

The Constant Protection Suite can be downloaded from the new Constant Guard website.