Cablevision has adopted software from Affinegy that helps its Optimum Ultimate triple-play subscribers connect home networks through a wireless router.

Affinegy's Home Portal software is designed to simplify the process of setting up a secure home network. It helps subs discover, connect and manage the components in their networks, including PCs, game consoles, printers, connected TVs and other devices.

Once the network is installed, the software actively monitors and diagnoses connections to ensure a high level of service, Affinegy said, so Cablevision technicians are able to view and remotely manage the performance of its subscribers' wireless networks through the Care Portal. The software makes it possible to pinpoint the root cause of a performance issue, driving a better service experience and faster problem resolution.

Separately, Affinegy announced a major new version of its software, Home Portal v2.0.

Home Portal v2.0 offers the following capabilities:

  • Orchestrates connection and management of a secure wireless home network
  • Choreographs discovery and sharing of photos, music, videos and documents and enables anytime, anywhere access to them
  • Harmonizes paid services and the content of a supplier's portal and third-party value-added applications
  • Guides the user through "I want to do" connected tasks, such as adding a new device, printing from non-PC devices, checking speed, etc.

Depending on the business needs of the supplier, the Home Portal experience can begin with an easy and secure installation or configuration of a wireless router or gateway. Uniquely, Affinegy's software can enable a service offering for all customers, not just those who have the supplier's equipment, as it supports management of a wide range of customer-owned wireless routers and networked devices. 

Subscribers supplied with Home Portal can set up sharing of media, install apps associated with their home networking needs, get a view of what's connected to their networks and adjust the settings for their home portals, including user permissions, security settings and home portal option preferences.

Home Portal v2.0 will be available in Q3 2011.

"The connected home is very similar to an orchestra in which there are a wide variety of instruments and musicians that must play together in perfect harmony to create a first-rate performance," said Melissa Simpler, CEO of Affinegy. "Like the conductor unifies the orchestra, Affinegy's Home Portal software choreographs all the components in the home and keeps them in perfect time."