Customer-care specialist Amdocs plans to buy Bridgewater Systems for $215 million.

Bridgewater specializes in policy, subscriber management and network control solutions for mobile and convergent service providers. Amdocs expects to expand its Customer Experience Systems (CES) portfolio with Bridgewater's capabilities. Service providers would be able to get a single view of their customers across multiple devices, lines of business, and networks.

The idea is to bridge the gap between BSS and the network, enabling service providers to be more creative in packaging services and service features across all devices, services and networks.

As a practical matter, the combination should make it easier for service providers to support virtually any pricing strategy for data services, based on the combination of advanced customer models coupled with network level information, Amdocs explained.

With all of this information available, supported by agile billing and care systems, service providers will be able to rapidly tailor services with feature options – or even let end-customers create their own service packages.

For example, Amdocs suggested, a family could share a single, consolidated plan across their iPhone (on a 3G network), iPad (on a 4G network), and home broadband connection, all at preferred bandwidth speeds.

"This acquisition would build on Amdocs' leadership in delivering innovative solutions that change market paradigms. It is a continuation of our strategy to support service providers as they seek to transform their businesses in anticipation of new market opportunities like 4G and machine-to-machine, and in response to clear threats, such as the data explosion," said Amdocs group president, Brian Shepherd.

In addition to product and solution synergies, Amdocs and Bridgewater share numerous top tier customers, including Bell Mobility, Sprint and Telstra, the companies said.

The boards of directors of both have approved the sale, as have several of Bridgewater's major shareholders. The companies expect to complete the acquisition within three months.