Shenick Network Systems has bowed its diversifEye Virtual Machine (VM), a virtual, per-flow test solution for cloud computing environments.

Virtualization-based service providers and network equipment manufacturers can use diversifEye VM to emulate and analyze real-time IP traffic in cloud environments, right down to each individual application flow, leading to granular issue identification and a quicker time to resolve problems.

Shenick's diversifEye VM gives network operators greater flexibility, scaling capabilities, easier software migration to virtual machine-based testing and the ability to pin-point errors across layers 2-7 on a highly granular basis, the company said.

The new diversifEye VM solution can be used with existing diversifEye hardware. It can also be used in a completely virtualized mode utilizing a customer's own existing hardware.

Advantages of the diversifEye VM solution include:

  • No loss of functionality in combining real and VM packet processing blades
  • Flexibility to add as many VM and virtual interfaces (VI) as required
  • Multiple VI per virtual machine PP
  •  An easy, software-based migration path to an all-virtualized diversifEye VM
  • A vast range of application tests covering security, voice, video and data applications, as well as secure VPN offload/tunnel, address spoofing verification, DDoS attack mitigation test, etc.
  • VM tests with event notification and real-time notification of application quality degradation
  • Ease of comparative testing between physical network configurations and the equivalent virtual configuration.